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About us:

JC and Alisha Huber are a husband-and-wife team that can solve nearly any problem, artistic or technological, that you could imagine. During the years when they worked at Rosetta Stone, they solved company problems on the ride to the office. They often joked that their managers should give them a bonus for cross-functional development.

They are both fast learners with a passion for exploring new problem spaces. In the just past few years, they have become adept at home renovation, permaculture design, neurology, and electrical wiring. They are still working on parenting.

During her last few years at Rosetta Stone, Alisha became the “fire department,” an internal consultant who worked with teams across the company on problems from marketing conundrums to piracy-proof deployment. JC similarly found himself assigned to various teams throughout the company, serving as a temporary adviser to get them on track.

Alisha Huber:

Photo by Rebekah Girvan Photography

A director, writer, editor, scholar, costume designer, seamstress, web developer, and all-around creative type, who lives and works in the Shenandoah Valley with her husband, son, dog, cat, chickens, and ducks.

She spent six years working in Content Development and Labs (R&D) for Rosetta Stone, the premier language-learning software company. During many years at Rosetta Stone Labs, she worked as a bridge between programmers and stakeholders of all kinds. She guided discussions, defined requirements, managed heterogeneous teams, built prototypes, and implemented tests. She taught herself to code in order to better understand the programmers and to streamline her own work. She is named as an inventor on at least five patents Rosetta Stone has filed.

Alisha is seeking work that will make a positive difference in the world, while using her skills as an autodidact and communicator to help people do interesting work.

Alisha is the co-founder of The Great American Theater Company. Their first show, Washed, by Pam Mandigo, toured to the Capital Fringe Festival in the summer of 2011. In the summer of 2012, they put up Give Us Good, another Pam Mandigo script. Pam’s off to grad school now, so the company is on hiatus.

JC Huber: 12b2754

Tech-savvy jack-of-all trades with ability to learn new skills and integrate into new environments quickly and a reputation for unconventional solutions and rapid delivery. He enjoys solving problems of all kinds and will learn whatever he needs to in order to do so. He specializes in herding cats–both literally (he volunteered at a mountain lion preserve) and figuratively (getting software developers to deliver and release their code on time).

Release and Deployment of online software assets and applications
Bridging the communication gap between software developers and their non-technical co-workers
Recognizing and offering constructive criticism of the flaws in other people’s processes and plans
Extensive experience working with geographically distributed teams
Tabletop Role-Playing Game history and design
Agile Methodologies, Peril Mitigation, Build Management, Automation, Source Control

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